In Spanish culture, it seems that there is much more presence of color compared to Northern European countries. Through my explorations, I’ve come across several remarkable elements from the culture of Spain. Let’s focus on Spain, although Latin American culture may be even more colorful.

  • Color is notably present on the facades of houses, brightening up neighborhoods.
  • Color can be seen in the vibrant blooming flowers, trees, and shrubs.
  • And the colors of the Spanish flag are very warm: red and yellow.

Just take a look at the abundance of color in this small procession in Tarragona on April 23rd, during the celebration of “el día del libro” (Book Day), which coincides with “el día de San Jordi”, the patron saint of Catalonia.

Finally, I’ll share with you a recipe in Spanish for a beautiful salad in the colors of orange, white, and green, for you to try making yourself. Originally, it is a Sicilian recipe. Peter III of Aragon conquered the Kingdom of Sicily in 1282. (The Kingdom of Aragon was a medieval kingdom in eastern Spain.) After the War of Spanish Succession, in the Treaty of Utrecht (1713), Sicily was no longer under Spanish rule.

Receta de ensalada de hinojo

2 bulbos de hinojo
2 naranjas peladas
sal marina gruesa y pimienta
piñones tostados

Para el aderezo:
2 cucharaditas (theelepels) de miel de crema de naranja (o mezcla miel con zumo de naranja fresco)
10 ramitas de cebollino finamente picado
1 cucharadita de mostaza
1 cucharadita de jugo de limón
2 cucharadas (lepels) de buen aceite de oliva


Corta la parte inferior de los bulbos de hinojo y corta el hinojo en rodajas muy finas con un cortador de queso. Prepara el aderezo mezclando bien todos los ingredientes y mezcla ¾ de éste con el hinojo. Corta las naranjas en finas rodajas y colócalas sobre el hinojo. Rocía el aderezo restante sobre él. Adorna la ensalada de hinojo con un poco de hojas de hinojo y los piñones tostados. Condimenta con sal y pimienta.

¡Que aproveche!