Naar de Nederlandse versie van 'Juan y Rosa'

Challenge gifted pupils to learn something more difficult in the classroom or at home.

If you are just looking for a way to give them an extra energy boost and revitalise their interest in learning think about this unique Juan y Rosa method for learning Spanish!

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Part 0
Key Stage 1
Part 1
Early Key Stage 2

The unique didactic model of the books is based on the Tasc model (from London Nace) which makes it possible for pupils to learn at their own level and pace

TASC = Thinking Actively in a Social Context

For pupils at primary schools

Learning Spanish over the course of four years untill now

Pupils work together in pairs

Pupils discover and develop their own learning strategy

Each pupil learns at their own level and pace in the classroom

The Prezis (Part 0) and Don Toro (Parts 1) guide the pupils while learning Spanish. This guidance enables them to work through the books independently.

The teacher supervisor of the group will guide the pupils in their learning strategy.

In Part 0 the pupils are guided by a number of Prezis.

Example of the first Prezi.

The key role for the teacher/supervisor is to encourage each pupil to shoulder responsibility for his/her own learning process. 

Don Toro helps the pupils through the books in Part 1.