Do you already know The website is especially equipped as the digital environment of Juan y Rosa.

On Edmodo, pupils can find all websites referred to the three parts of the Juan y Rosa learning method. In addition, they can also find the games that have been developed to help them practice the words from the learning method, such as the domino game, bingo game, word list game, etc. These are games that can be played together at the table, not digital games. When the learning method is digitized, we will think about digitizing these games first.

If you have any comments or questions about the digital environment of Juan y Rosa, you can submit them in the Edmodo environment. Your questions might even spark the idea for discussion in my blog or during an information session.

I am currently investigating whether Edmodo can also be a useful platform for Juan y Rosa pupils to write to each other via Edmodo’s chat or to talk to each other via Skype. An additional advantage for the pupils is that they are all learning Spanish with the Juan y Rosa learning method, so they know the same kinds of words. In addition, I want to set up an application especially for the Juan y Rosa pupils to help them practice their Spanish pronunciation.

Tip: Use your account at and create your own Spanish class!

Log in to Edmodo:

Logging in to Edmodo is very easy. You create an account as a teacher and you send Don Toro an email to ask for the group code that corresponds to the part you are going to work with. Please mention in the email which part of Juan y Rosa you are working with.


Intended class members are the pupils. “Classes” is the dedicated space to engage the pupils and keep parents informed. Within your class, it is possible to send your pupils notes, quizzes, assignments and polls.


Intended group members are the teachers. “Groups” is the dedicated space for teacher groups, professional development and teacher training with other teachers.