You probably already know The website is the digital environment for Juan y Rosa. It is a convenient platform for pupils because all links and games are organised by section and by chapter. After ordering the books, you receive a separate code for each part of Juan y Rosa. But did you know that also offers a useful app in support of Juan y Rosa? You don’t have to use it, but it can be very handy.

One of my aims is to create a supportive community for all pupils who are learning Spanish with Juan y Rosa. It will be a community that we build together, where we can communicate with each other in Spanish and share self-recorded videos with one another. I am committed to this and I hope you will join me.

Tips for setting up Edmodo: Edmodo and the Juan y Rosa learning method  

If any pupils who are learning Spanish have questions or doubts about the correct pronunciation of Spanish words, I am happy to help them. They can make an appointment to Skype with me. And perhaps they would like to watch this video of my own profesora Española, Marly Nas. (In July, the video will be available with English subtitles.)