During the online meeting, I will tell you more about the Juan y Rosa learning method, which is a challenging learning method for primary school pupils. It offers these pupils an extra challenge to learn the skill of learning, starting from early Key Stage 2.

When children start school at the age of six, they are eager to explore the world and to learn to read, write, and do arithmetic. However, what happens when they can do much more than what is offered to them? They can feel like an outsider in the group they want to belong to. Learning and playing together is what every child wants. That’s why I created a learning method for such children, where they can learn something new, such as a new language and culture during their primary school years. How cool would that be for these pupils?

The teacher does not need to know Spanish; they will be guided at the right moments in the learning process to help pupils with their challenges. Even if the pupil is a quick learner, he may encounter obstacles during the learning process, and overcoming them is essential to master the art of learning.

Pupils are eager to learn new things! Give them the chance to do so starting in the early Key Stage 2. Otherwise, they may adapt, become bored, and eventually drop out of school.