Much to my annoyance, the codes for the Prezis included in the Soy Don Toro workbook are temporary ones. Unfortunately I didn’t know that this could happen when making that part. It is now apparent that I regularly have to create new codes that refer to the Prezis. Luckily, the old codes will continue to work in Edmodo!

Tips for accessing the Prezis referred to in the workbook:

  1. You can register with an account at using the group code Soy Don Toro. If you choose to create an account, please send me an email (info@juanyrosa.comto inform me, including the name of the school where the pupils are working with this method.
  2. If you notice that the codes in the book have expired, please send an email to Don Toro ( to request new codes. Please include the name of your school.

Furthermore, I can strongly recommend Edmodo as a useful tool for every pupil and teacher working with the learning method, because all the website links, PDFs and games that form part of the learning method are combined and grouped together per chapter. 

Extra tip: Use your account on and create your own Spanish class!