On 5 October I attended the symposium of the Hoogbegaafd Foundation for the gifted. The sold-out event included seven speakers who gave inspired lectures about giftedness. It was the first edition of this symposium on giftedness. Perhaps you want to be part of it next year?

This edition offered a development-oriented perspective on giftedness with the theme “Gifted from young to old. Lifelong development”. The aim of the symposium is to create fair, unbiased publicity and spread knowledge about the diversity of giftedness. It also offers a positive view of what gifted people can do in organisations and in society, as long as they feel well supported.

On the website (in Dutch only) you can find more information about the symposium and about the participants.

I will be exhibiting at the conference of NTCN in November 2019 and at the NOT event from 26-30 January 2021. Although the NOT still feels like a long way off, preparations have already begun.