The Juan y Rosa method for learning Spanish in primary schools

The aim of this comprehensive learning method is to let young children experience how much fun it can be to learn a foreign language: Spanish. Furthermore, this learning method gives pupils an extra chance to discover and develop their own learning strategy, which will also be beneficial in other subjects. In line with the TASC (Thinking Actively in a Social Context) model, they learn to reflect on and evaluate their own approach to learning.

The method is already used by more than 800 primary schools in the Netherlands.

Use of, the free digital platform, is not essential in conjunction with Juan y Rosa but it does provide extra convenience for teachers and supervisors. Read more information about Edmodo here.


Part 0

The very young ones can also start with Part 0, ‘Soy Don Toro’, after the autumn half-term holiday in early Key Stage 1. This part lays the groundwork for Part 1. The method pays attention to the differences in pronunciation between Spanish and English. Furthermore, the pupils are emotionally challenged to think about what they themselves like and what they enjoy doing. Various questions make the pupils aware of how they and their fellow pupils experience the world around them.

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Part 1

Part 1 of this method for learning Spanish can be started in Key Stage 2 of primary education. It is a useful way of allowing each pupil to learn at their own level and pace in the classroom. Pupils can work together in pairs. It will take such young pupils at least two years to work their way through the entire textbook and workbook.

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Watch this video to find out more about the Juan y Rosa learning method.

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