Last month I received a request from a student at the Tilburg University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands, who is studying to become a Spanish teacher, for an internship in her area. I think this can certainly be an option for the schools working with Juan y Rosa if one or more schools in the area can offer students a joint internship based on their combined hours.
After all, the primary schools need a coach and motivator for the group of children working with Spanish and the student could fulfil that role. The student will need to be familiar with the fact that the Juan y Rosa learning method teaches pupils to take responsibility for their own learning of Spanish. Perhaps this first case could lead to more internship requests and opportunities.
If you think that this could be an idea for the Spanish lessons that are given at your school, whether in the Netherlands or abroad, please let me know via juanyrosa.espanja

6-8 year olds

8-10 year olds


10-12 year olds