Part 2 for pupils in Late Key Stage 2

In Part 2, the children called Juan and Rosa exchange information about their everyday lives through chat and via emails. This reveals the differences between the various provinces in Spain. There are numerous differences in terms of nature, culture, dancing, music, customs and eating habits. This part also includes songs from the various regions. For example, Rosa provides information about her school life and a visit to the doctor, while Juan shares details of his skiing holiday in Aragón.

In terms of grammar, in addition to the present tense this part also introduces the past tense including past participles. The imperative and the gerund are covered once more, and in terms of personal pronouns pupils learn how the pronoun can be used as a direct or indirect object.

Part 2 of the method is accompanied by a teachers’ manual. The pupils’ manual is the same as for Part 1. You can click on the name of the manuals to download these documents.

Part 2 of the method is currently being prepared for publication. As soon as it has been published, you will be able to click here to download a digital version of Chapter 1 of the textbook, the workbook and the solutions book.