Unfortunately, the Prezi codes shortened to a Bit.ly link change regularly. They only remain unchanged in Edmodo, the digital learning environment of Juan y Rosa. The Prezis are an important part of Part 0 because they help the pupils towards learning Spanish independently, together and side by side. The Prezis, together with the workbook, provide direction for the pupils’ work. For example, Ana talks in the Prezis about how she learns Spanish and invites the pupils to do the same. Listen to this Prezi and experience how the pupils are guided in learning Spanish through the Prezis and the workbook.

If your codes no longer work, simply send an email (dontoro.espanja@gmail.com) to request new codes. Please include the name and location of your school in the email and you will receive the updated links as soon as possible.


Edmodo.com is Juan y Rosa’s digital learning environment. It is not essential, but it is convenient – and especially easy if the pupils start to use this learning method to work in a differentiated way. The supervisor of the Juan y Rosa group can register as a “teacher” on Edmodo.com. After creating a ‘class’ for their pupils, teachers can then ask for a group code by email and add it to their account. Via this digital learning environment of Juan y Rosa, the pupils can then find all the website links for each part (group) they are going to work with. I have attached a PDF that explains how you can set up Edmodo.

If you have any questions about this, please let me know; I am happy to help.