Last month I was writing an article about the learning concept within Juan y Rosa – about the inspiration behind the learning method. Due to the demand for the digitisation of the method, it is necessary to gather together and record the values of the learning method and my vision when making it. You will soon read this article on the news page of the website. Ask questions or give me a response if you want.

The learning method has grown into a six-year learning track and is about more than just learning Spanish. Spanish is actually a by-product. The most important transfer from the learning method is to create understanding for each pupil and his oddities. Each pupil can work in his own way, own level and pace, with this method. The joint assignments are the meeting places of the pupils to “see” each other and to “be seen”. The supervisor can also see what the pupil is capable of independently. They need the space, the time and the right tools for that. Only if you use the learning method as intended, you will discover the wonderful opportunities that the learning method offers the pupils. Opportunities to see the pupils grow and for them to see each other. As by-product they are taking on a new challenge together and discovering the means to remember new course material with a longterm tension arc.

“Gifted individuals experience the world from a different perspective, with qualitative differences including intensities, sensitivities, idealism, perceptiveness, overexcitabilities, asynchrony, complexity, introversion, perfectionism, and moral concerns.” (Silverman, 2006)


Teachers can put a part of the learning method in each classroom from Key Stage 1 to late Key Stage 2 and discover which pupils feel like taking on an extra challenge. Pupils can be invited to team up with a classmate to take on the additional work the learning method entails.

For more understanding of the gifted pupil, I wrote two other articles for Dutch magazine Talent in 2016. These articles have since been translated. One is about Dabrowski’s insights into the gifted, called “The missing piece of the puzzle in better supporting the gifted pupil”. To read it, click here

The other article is called “Making the highly gifted child part of the group”. It is available on the website.