Recently, a teacher came with a request to use the English version of Juan y Rosa in the classroom for pupils who excel in English. To provide them with a continued challenge in English at the primary school level, these pupils are now learning Spanish in English.

What a wonderful idea to be able to utilize the English version as well! The linguistic brains of young learners will gain additional structures. When you learn a language, something changes in your brain. New information is being incorporated. But as young children learn a language, their brains are still growing. And during this growth, it appears that the brain takes into account the fact that language needs to fit in, as stated by Marc van Oostendorp.

Take a look at Marc van Oostendorp’s YouTube video on “Language grows in your brain.”

If you also consider the idea of providing extra English to pupils who are ahead in the English language through Spanish lessons with Juan y Rosa, you can find more information about this Spanish learning method that can be mostly self-guided for pupils.


Juan y Rosa‘s Digital Environment

For every user of the Juan y Rosa learning method who has not yet discovered the digital environment, here are the passwords again:

Part 0: Soy Don Toro (password: 0p3nSDT)

Part 1: Juan y Rosa están de vacaciones (password: Ju@nyR0s@4y)

The digital environment is now also a part of the Juan y Rosa website. You can easily access the NEW digital platform through the website.

If you have lost a password, you can always email for assistance.