This year I will participate in Giftedness Week for the first time. This special event, which is held in the week of 9 to 17 March, features activities by many organisations throughout the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium. These organisations are keen to share their knowledge about giftedness with the general public in order to make a positive contribution and to remove prejudices and misconceptions.

The aim is to have at least one giftedness-related activity taking place in every municipality in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Examples of activities are:

  • Open day at a ‘plus-level class’ or school
  • Games afternoon
  • Lecture or training
  • Visits by gifted children to gifted pensioners in a nursing home
  • Guided walks with coaches or philosophers
  • Scavenger hunt
  • An informative meeting for doctors and/or psychologists

A complete list of the activities can be found on this website. The activities are shown on a map of the Netherlands and Belgium so that visitors can see what is going on in their region and can put together their own programme.

My activity includes a good conversation with all participants who register for Monday or Tuesday evening (11 or 12 March). We will discuss any questions you have always wanted to ask about the unique Juan y Rosa learning method, plus you will be invited to learn Spanish in a challenging way, just as the Juan y Rosa learning method challenges gifted pupils.

Join in with the Giftedness Week to learn more. Last but not least, please spread the news about this powerful way of raising awareness about giftedness through your own (social) media channels!