Spring starts a bit earlier in Spain than in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Great Britain. The higher temperatures lead to earlier budding and blossoming; it’s already breathtakingly beautiful in March, much like it becomes stunning in April for us. On March 21st, the beginning of spring, beautiful flowers are already in bloom, such as this Jasmine (Jazmín, pronounced as Gasmien). The Almond tree (Almendro) and the Peach tree (Melocotón) also make their appearance at the start of spring.

In Spain, they celebrate spring in grand style in March. In Valencia, for example, March falls in the midst of Las Fallas. It starts on the last Sunday of February (the 25th this year) with an opening ceremony called La Crida. Fireworks are set off from the Torres de Serrano. In the following days, various festivities are organized throughout the city.

Las Fallas culminate on the night of March 19th to 20th with the burning of all the Fallas: La Cremà. This takes place on the feast day of San José, the patron saint of carpenters. About 600 wooden figures are burnt. The winning wooden figures find a place in the Las Fallas museum. Below is the trailer for Las Fallas from 2018.