Use of, the free digital platform, is not essential in conjunction with Juan y Rosa but it does provide extra convenience for teachers and supervisors.

Above all, it allows them to help the pupils on their way to independent learning while also being able to monitor the pupils’ progress. After setting up an account as a ‘teacher’ via, the supervisor of a Juan y Rosa group can then add the group code for the part of Juan y Rosa they are working with and create a ‘class’ for the pupils. The pupils can then use the digital platform to access all the weblinks for the relevant part of Juan y Rosa. Mail me ( for more details of how to set up Edmodo for you and your pupils.

Part 0: Prezi Codes for Soy Don Toro

The workbook for Part 0: Soy Don Toro includes so-called ‘Prezi codes’ which direct pupils to pictures and audio clips that support the learning method. Unfortunately, the Prezi codes shortened to a ‘’ link change regularly, but they are always up to date in Edmodo. If your codes no longer work, simply send an email ( to request new ones. Please include the name and location of your school in the email and you will receive the updated links as soon as possible. All audio clips are uploaded to Edmodo, so pupils can log in and listen to and practice Spanish from Juan y Rosa both at home and at school and on laptop or mobile device.