We have made several changes to the www.juanyrosa.com website:

  1. The videos have been aligned with the first two parts of Juan y Rosa: Part 0 and Part 1. We will not start preparing Part 2 for English-speaking pupils until the first batch of current students are halfway through Part 1. In Part 2, there is an even stronger focus on learning more about the Spanish culture.
  2. We have added a form so that you can contact the author directly in the case of any questions: contact form.
  3. We have added two packages in the web shop, one for Part 0 and one for Part 1, to make it easier and cheaper if just one pupil wants to start learning Spanish. The package contains all components of either Part 0 or Part 1 so you can be sure of the completeness of the set.
  4. Under News Items, we have added an extra way of learning the Spanish words in Part 0. It is a fun game to play based on pictures and pronunciation of the words. Click here to see it.

Just a quick reminder about the two parts of the Juan y Rosa learning method:

In Part 0, very young pupils learn by singing, stamping, jumping or dancing along to seven Spanish songs, listening to a fascinating fairy tale, and contemplating and discussing the ‘seven ingredients for a happy life’. To try it for yourself with the pupils, follow this link to go to the Juan y Rosa.com website.

If the pupils are a bit older, they can start with Part 1: Juan y Rosa están de vacaciones. This offers them various fun, creative, inspiring and playful ways of learning to speak, read, write and listen to the Spanish language. You can try it out by following this link.

(If you have Dutch-speaking children in the group, you can also try out the Dutch version of Part 0 or Part 1. Send me an email if so.)